Troubleshooting your WordPress plugins

I worked in the cellular industry for a very long time. Too long. Part of the job was to help customers troubleshoot their phones (“Did you try turning it off and on?”). Who knew this “skill” would come in handy later for something other than cell phones?

I sometimes get emails from WordPress users asking for help because something borked when they activated one of my themes. The offender is usually one of the plugin running on the website.

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Caine’s Arcade

I’m a little late on this but I wanted to share it anyway.

A few week’s ago a wonderful story went viral about a boy named Caine, a nine-year-old kid who runs a homemade cardboard arcade out of his dad’s auto parts garage. Nirvan, who happens to be a filmmaker, came across this and made a short film about Caine and his arcade.

A site was setup on to help raise money for a scholarship for Caine and to give updates on the story. A friend emailed me to let me know they are using my Liquorice theme for the site!

Check out the movie here.

WordPress Custom Header

I know i’m a little late on this, but I finally got the chance to play around with the custom header feature which rolled out with WordPress 3.0. It gives users the option to add their own custom image in the header of the site. The question was asked a few times for the last theme I created, so I decided I would enable the feature for the one I am currently working on.

Except for the last bit, all the code you see goes in your functions.php. I’ll try to explain each chunk to my understanding and as best I can.

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