LESS – Better CSS

A few weeks ago, I sent out an informal Twitter poll asking which CSS¬†preprocessors people were using – LESS or SASS.¬† With LESS being the clear winner,¬† I decided give it a try. I had heard several comments on how easy it was to use. I’m please to report this is all true.

So what is it?

In a nutshell, LESS is allows you to write CSS using variables, mixins and operations, among others. I use Coda as text editor so I was very happy to find LESS.app, which is a neat little app that takes care of compiling and even minifying your LESS file into a css file.

Bonus: Ever spent a ridiculous amount of time scratching your head because your css wasn’t doing what it should? More often than not, a minor typo is messing things up. When you compile with LESS.app it’ll actually let you know when you’ve messed up.
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Thinking @font-face through – a bilingual’s story

@font-face: what it is

A few months ago I redesigned my client site nudgedesign.ca. I had already played around with the CSS3 @font-face attribute, but wanted to use it a little more on my site. Like a lot of us who had been restricted to the web-safe fonts for years, we suddenly felt like kids in a candy store.

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