Site Launch: PressBooks

I’ve been working on PressBooks for a little over a year now, and we recently did a complete overhaul of the site’s main design as well as the webbook read view.

For those unfamiliar with PressBooks, it is a web-based ebook publishing tool built on top of WordPress. Pretty cool, huh?

Pressbooks Homepage

PressBooks book formats & features


One of the main focuses of the redesign, primarily for the webbook, was readability. We wanted the blocks of copy to be as readable as possible. The fonts we’re using are a classic font stack with “Minion Pro” as primary font and “Times New Roman” as a fall back. The full stack is : “Minion Pro”,”Times New Roman”, Times, serif.

PressBooks webbook view

Responsive Design

Another important feature was to have the webbook view display properly for tablet and mobile with some responsive design.

PressBooks iPad portrait view
PressBooks iPhone portrait view

If you’re a writer looking to get your book out in digital format, I highly recommend you check out PressBooks.

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