Troubleshooting your WordPress plugins

I worked in the cellular industry for a very long time. Too long. Part of the job was to help customers troubleshoot their phones (“Did you try turning it off and on?”). Who knew this “skill” would come in handy later for something other than cell phones?

I sometimes get emails from WordPress users asking for help because something borked when they activated one of my themes. The offender is usually one of the plugin running on the website.

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Blogger to WordPress Import

I recently had to transfer a client’s account from Blogger to WordPress. Although I had done as much research as I could beforehand (even tweeted the question out), I was surprised to find at how incomplete the information was out there.  I’ve listed all the steps I needed to get this particular site transferred.

  1. Import from with WordPress using the Import tool
  2. Convert Categories to Tags using plugin.
  3. If some of your posts aren’t linked to any categories (even Categorized) use Assign Missing Categories
  4. Cache Remote Images by using Cache Images
  5. Export missing data from Blogger, Import to a dummy account, export missing data, import xml into hosted WP account

I really should write a full post on this since the previous steps don’t explain much. But at least for now you have an idea of the complexity of the process and that a full day’s work is ahead – especially if it’s an image heavy site.