(Really late) Spring Cleaning

It’s the end of spring and thought this highly neglected site was in need of a clean up.

Since this site is mainly for sharing discoveries on the web and the occasional rant, I decided to simplify the architecture by removing categories all together and only working with tags.

This is all still a work in progress so you may come across things that aren’t fully baked yet.

Troubleshooting your WordPress plugins

I worked in the cellular industry for a very long time. Too long. Part of the job was to help customers troubleshoot their phones (“Did you try turning it off and on?”). Who knew this “skill” would come in handy later for something other than cell phones?

I sometimes get emails from WordPress users asking for help because something borked when they activated one of my themes. The offender is usually one of the plugin running on the website.

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Video: Jessica Hische

I randomly came across this Creative Mornings/Vancouver talk by Jessica Hische who is  an amazing letterer and illustrator. I’m a huge fan of her work, as most people who are familiar with it are.

Although she comes from a design background, in the first part of the talk she makes a great case about why designers should learn to code. Which, by the way, she she has done.