Adding new Tweet Button to WordPress

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Here’s something new from Twitter. An easy Tweet button you can add to your website to let people share content on Twitter without having to leave the page. However, once you’ve tweeted, you can offer your readers the option to follow you on twitter.

How to add to your WordPress template

I managed to add the code to my WordPress template quite easily. Grab the code here. Step 1 styles your button. Pretty straight forward stuff. Step 2 allows you to suggest up to two Twitter accounts people can follow once they’ve shared your post. The code snippet get automatically generated for you.

To get it working in your WordPress theme, simply copy the code and paste it in your single.php file, right after this line of code (in your loop).

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You may need to do some minor tweaking in your css to get it looking right. You now are the proud new owner of a Tweet button.

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